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The majority of people in the world are woefully unprepared to survive a disaster or major traumatic injury. When faced with these situations victims only have seconds to make the right decisions to save the life of themselves or others. An uncontrolled arterial bleed can kill you in under two minutes. Would you know what to do if you or a loved one was bleeding out and you had only two minutes to fix the problem? Let Armageddon Medical train you on how to save a life and how to be a survivor rather than a statistic. 

The founders of Armageddon Medical have 40 years of combined experience in Emergency Medical Services. Together they have an extensive and diverse background in tactical medicine, trauma care, wilderness medicine, disaster medicine, and emergency medical instruction. Our team has taught a diverse audience from paramedic students at university to Special Operations Teams from multiple branches of the military.


We have identified a significant shortfall in the availability of training and capability of response in the civilian sector. This includes individuals and families, to schools and businesses. Armageddon Medical was founded in 2017 to bridge this gap and make top tier training available to everyone. Today's world is a dangerous place - be prepared to survive with Armageddon Medical.  






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