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[ Why We Are The Best ]
  • Cheaper and more comprehensive than other programs.
  • Detailed instruction from industry-leading professionals at your fingertips.
  • Training completely customizable for your needs.
  • Training from instructors who have actually saved lives with no doctor in sight.
  • Covers simple to advanced medical concepts, targeting what you need to know to survive!

Don't trust just anyone to train you when lives are at stake! Learn from industry-leading professionals who have actually been there and treated the injuries you will be learning about. It is your responsibility to be able to survive until help comes. Let Armageddon Medical ensure you are ready if that time comes. We offer courses in advanced first aid, active shooter response, 

Our President & CEO, Jeff, is a veteran of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS). He has served in multiple roles throughout the EMS system. Jeff has over 14 years of experience as a 911 paramedic, as a critical care paramedic, flight paramedic, and as a paramedic and EMT instructor & field preceptor. Most of his experience was on the border of Juarez, Mexico, and the US dealing with gang and cartel violence. Jeff has also received fully accredited specialized training in austere/remote medicine, mountain rescue, tactical medicine, and more. 

Jeff is currently a Supervisor for a US private sector company performing international medical and security deployments and evacuations. He recently deployed to the 2015 Nepal earthquake/avalanche and performed helicopter rescues off of Mt. Everest and throughout Nepal. He has deployed to multiple countries to render aid and evacuate people in need. Jeff is also currently seeking an advanced degree in Emergency and Disaster Management. 

Our second lead instructor, Scott, has been involved in the practice of Emergency Medicine and Emergency response services since 1993. Scott joined the United States Army in 1992 and served with them until 1996, when he moved to the United States Coast Guard.  Scott was assigned to the Small Boat response division of the U.S.C.G where he served as a small boat engineer, small boat rescue swimmer, Crew member, and boarding team member.

Scott became a U.S. Coast Guard Corpsman in 2002 and was assigned to the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station in Savannah Georgia where he also worked as a Paramedic within the local community for various 911 services. Scott was then assigned to the U.S. Coast Guard Special Missions Unit, Deployable Operations Group on the east coast where he served as a Corpsman/Paramedic until 2013. Scott has also performed Private Security Detail (PSD) duties protecting and providing medical care to VIPs and high-valued targets. His deployments include Afghanistan, Kurdistan, South Africa, Ukraine, and Iraq. Scott currently works alongside Jeff in the private sector performing international medical deployments and evacuations.