Armageddon Medical Courses

Individual and small group courses


Intro To Emergency Med

This course will develop the necessary foundation required to be proficient in providing emergency medical care in stressful and hostile environments. It is recommended all students take this course prior to any advanced training.  

Medical emergency while hiking. woman ha

Wilderness/ Remote and Improvised Med

This course will provide you with valuable training in wilderness/remote emergency care and improvised medicine. This course is perfect for anyone who travels remotely, does outdoor sports, or is concerned with being able to stabilize yourself or others with limited to no resources.  

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Trauma Care In Real Life

This course will cover the intricacies of rendering care in dangerous situations to individuals who have sustained traumatic injuries. This is a course everyone should have. Want to know what to do during and after an active shooter? How about stopping an arterial bleed or managing a severe fracture? This course is for you! 

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Disaster Care 

This course will explore providing medical care during times of disaster or when emergency care is not immediately available. This course will significantly expand your patient assessment abilities and understanding the complexities of the human body. You will also learn how to prepare so you don't become a patient yourself.