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Armageddon Medical offers top tier emergency medical group training to businesses and institutions in New England. We specialize in delivering bleeding control/active shooter response training. Our course is the perfect complement to the Run, Hide, Fight curriculum being taught around the US.  We help to educate and train individuals on what to do while they wait for help to arrive. Would you know what to do if you or your colleague were bleeding out and only had two minutes to stop the bleeding before death? We will teach you! Our courses can be customized to fit the environment and culture of the workplace. Want a simulated hostile situation with lots of noise and stress, no problem! Don't want to scare your employees or group, we'll tone it down to a classroom environment. Let's work together to develop a training program that will work for you and your organization. 


Our world is becoming an increasingly dangerous place. Random acts of violence are becoming commonplace. As emergency responders, our founders have responded to many trauma scenes, and have treated many victims of trauma. The number one preventable cause of death from trauma is uncontrolled extremity hemorrhage. In responding to these emergencies we noticed that many individuals who perished could have been saved if they just knew what to do in that situation. Furthermore, upon examining and responding to active shooter situations we realized many businesses and institutions failed to plan and prepare for these types of situations. Many lives could have been saved if these organizations had the appropriate equipment and training to stop bleeding. We are here to bridge this gap and help your organization save lives.

Our founders have extensive emergency medical and trauma exposure as paramedics with many years of experience. They have treated hundreds of gunshot wounds and trauma patients from the battlefields in Afghanistan, to the cartel violence on the border of Mexico. They combine this experience with their backgrounds as Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Special Operating Forces (SOF) medical instructors and deliver it to you in the classroom.  

Training is crucial but having the right equipment is just as important. Armageddon Medical can outfit your organization with the appropriate medical equipment to address major bleeding and respond to these situations effectively. From concealable individual medical kits to wall mounted mass casualty stations, we can supply it all! Ask us about a site assessment so we can help you determine what would be most appropriate for your organization. 


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